Kawasaki’s New Z900 – Our Chance to Quiz the Designer

We ride Kawasaki’s new Z900 ABS tomorrow, and also have a chance to talk to a Japanese representative of the company involved in the engineering and design of this new model. The new Z900 looks to be something special. 43 pounds lighter and, with its 948cc in-line four, far more powerful than the last year’s Z800, it features a seemingly bargain price of $8,799 (the non-ABS model is $8,399). With the great heritage associated with the Z900 moniker, we will be expecting something special in the ride experience, as well.

In the comments section below, give us your thoughts on questions we should ask one of the men that gave birth to this design. Also, look back at our earlier introduction of the 2017 Z900 for further details.

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