Doping the ECU – MotoGP Technical Director Claims Teams Can “Cheat”

Corrado Cecchinelli, MotoGP Director of Technology

Every participant in MotoGP must use the same ECU, so the playing field is level when it comes to things like traction control, right? Wrong. In an interview published on, MotoGP Director of Technology Corrado Cecchinelli, formerly an engineer with Ducati, states independent control over the IMU by teams can allow them to influence traction control settings, for example, which theoretically are the same for all teams.

Here is a quote from Cecchinelli in the article:

“Very basic example: People believe the IMU is a package of sensors that measure the lean angle. This is not true. The IMU measures the lean rate and then by mathematical integration it calculates the lean angle, which is not what it directly measures.  

But if, in this calculation, you don’t just perform mathematical integration of the signal but also make an ‘elaboration’ … 

Imagine if I take the lean rate and I take tire temperature. I put them together and so I output a ‘doped ‘ lean angle to the ECU, which is not the real lean angle and changes differently depending on if the tire is hot or cold. Now I have a traction control that works differently to yours.”

If you read the article, you can see Cecchinelli’s dreams of equality among bikes, including control of rpm limits, etc. Currently, even with the spec ECU, the better funded teams continue to have a technical advantage. Is there no way around this? Would true equality even be desirable? Let us know your thoughts.

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