Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer Enters MD Test Fleet

It’s no secret that we tend to like Moto Guzzi motorcycles here at MD.  Their quirks and idiosyncrasies, most often, only add to their charm. Since the legendary marque was purchased by the conglomerate Piaggio in late 2004, technical improvements and refinements have been made to engines that were largely unchanged for decades.

In the Fall of 2015, Moto Guzzi announced new V9 models, including the Roamer and Bobber. The Bobber is a model reflecting its name, i.e., with the same engine and chassis as the Roamer, but with fatter tires and a smaller diameter front wheel. We just got our hands on a V9 Roamer for a test here on familiar roads.

This is an interesting motorcycle for a number of reasons. With a 19″ front wheel and 16″ rear, it has a moderately raked look, but actually corners quite confidently. The tank shape is new, and unlike the tank on the V7 models whose engine formed a starting point for the V9’s 850cc, 90° twin.

We discussed the V9 Roamer in an earlier article, and we will save a more technical discussion until we do a thorough evaluation of the bike and report back. Nevertheless, we should point out that Moto Guzzi claims a modest 55 hp at 6,250 rpm and 45.7 foot/pounds of torque at 3,000 rpm from the 850 cc unit, which utilizes shaft drive and a six-speed transmission to deliver power to the rear wheel.

Our first few rides on the bike reveal an extremely torquey power delivery, i.e., strong pull just off idle that signs off quickly, just as the claimed power figures suggest. This bike won’t be winning many drag races, but it is still satisfyingly strong at street rpm levels. This is helped by a relatively low curb weight (Moto Guzzi claims 439 pounds wet).

Styling is a subjective matter, but we like the look of the V9 Roamer and others who have seen the bike seem to agree. This is a Moto Guzzi that reflects the refinement of this basic engine and chassis by the Piaggio Group over the last decade, principally in connection with the V7 series. U.S. MSRP is $9,990. Stay tuned for additional reports.

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