Motorcycle crash statistics scam

Authorities that continue to selectively quote motorcycle crash statistics are perpetrating a scam that endangers vulnerable motorcycle riders.

Yes, riders represent a higher proportion of the crash statistics than their number, but the trend for crashes is actually going down.

However, police, authorities, road safety Nazis and media are conning us with their myopic view of the statistics.

A full picture of the statistics needs to be presented to provide a true and realistic picture of what is happening on our roads.

Statistics scam

The statistics scam was evident in a presentation at the Australian Road Research Board seminar last week on road infrastructure issues and motorcycle crashes.

A road trauma statistician provided figures specifically for NSW. However, it is much the same picture in every state and therefore nationally.

He pointed out that there was a 5% increase in motorcycle registrations every year since 2005, doubling in number over about 11 years. See his graph below.

However, over the same period, motorcyclist fatalities and serious casualties basically flat-lined.

The picture actually improves for motorcyclists when you look at trauma rates per 10,000 open motorcycle licence holders.

In fact, it goes down. Fatalities dropped 31.25% from 1.6 per 10,000 to 1.1 and casualties dropped 19% from 56.4 to 45.7.

No other road user group comes close to having similar decreases in fatalities versus total registrations.

“Relative to the number of people licensed to ride, safety performance is improving even though more are being hurt and killed,” the statistician declared.

And proportional to population the road trauma statistics are static.

He claims the new graduated licensing system and education have had an impact on young riders and the road toll.

Sensationalist stats

So why do the police, road safety nazis and media only cite the road toll in sensationalist terms?

It’s a scam so that the authorities can use these distorted statistics to raise fines, impose greater restrictions on riders and justify police speed blitzes.

The other major problem is that these scam road toll statistics demonise riders as crazed maniacs with a death wish.

Riders are already grappling with a motoring public that doesn’t bother taking care to look twice for riders.

So how can we expect motorists to show us any duty of care or consideration on the road?


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