What will be the best motorcycles of 2018?

The global motorcycle industry is struggling, yet motorcycles have never been so affordable with so many model choices available to riders, but what will be the best of 2018?

The trend for more models is going to continue in 2018 with some 50-odd models being released in a wide variety of categories.

It is difficult to yet declare what will be the best motorcycles of 2018. In fact, it is impossible.

After all, it is a purely subjective thing.

Most anticipated
Ducati Panigale V4 1409

However, even if you don’t like sports bikes, the most anticipated motorcycle of 2018 has to be the Ducati Panigale V4 1409 and Speciale model, due here in March/April.

This is an historic bike for Ducati as their first mass-produced, road-going V4.

It is also possibly an indicator of whether the ailing sports bike category has any staying power.

We haven’t seen it in the flesh/metal yet and it looks a little fat in the photos, but it still won the best bike at the ECMA motorcycle show in Milan.

It certainly won’t be a big seller, but it will be an important bike for the industry.

Our personal best
Z900RS and Cafe Racer

Our personal favourite for next year will be the retro-styled Kawasaki Z900RS and Cafe Racer arriving in February.

Unfortunately, It is a little expensive at $16,459 (+ on-road costs) which is $4000 more than the Z900 it is based on.

But that will not stop many who love its homage to the legendary Z1 and the fact that it will have the three Rs – rideable, retro and reliable!

Calendar of 2018 releases

Here is a list of bikes to be released next year in alphabetical order:

2018 new model tips

While there is no schedule for their release, we have the following tips for 2018:

Source: motorbikewriter.com

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