Help charity champions Tex & Bundy

Famous charity riding couple Tex O’Grady and his cattle dog Bundy have raised millions for the needy and now they need a little bit of charity themselves after their house was robbed at the weekend.

Longtime friend and motorcycle accessories importer Frank Tidswell has decided it is time to return the charity favour to Tex and Bundy.

He has started a GoFundMe page for them. CLICK HERE to donate and keep Tex and Bundy on the road.

Tex says the thieves struck on Saturday night while he was at a neighbour’s house and he had left the back door unlocked.

He lost $250 in cash, but more importantly his driver’s licence, PWC licence, DVA Gold card and personal items, all of which cost time and money to replace.

“I am so friggin’ pissed off right now, mainly at myself for being so bloody trusting,” Tex ays on his Facebook page.

“Never again, I will lock the place up like Fort Knox. But a bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted. This is not a good feeling.”

Million km milestone

This comes after the famous charity couple last year hit a world-first million kilometre milestone for a rider and dog.

Tex, aged 61, and Bundy, who is now almost 77 in “dog years”, have never had an incident on the bike in the 12 years they’ve been riding together.

“We travel the countryside working with various charities, talking on men’s health and mental health issues in particular,” says Tex who was diagnosed with severe post traumatic stress disorder after retiring from the Navy.

The pair lead motorcycle charity rides throughout the country and appear at various public speaking engagements, many of them televised and covered by all sections of the media.

The delightful crowd favourites lead an annual ride for the Australian GP, at Phillip Island, as well.

Tex and Bundy assist in raising around $500,000 a year for various charities and causes.

“So an approximate amount raised is around $6 million in 12 years,” Tex says.

“We have also raised a few million smiles on dials in that time!”

Tex and Bundy on the Save the Oxley ride (Photo: Keoghs Vision Photography)

Tex and his previous dog Cash were inducted into the QBE national hall of motorcycling fame in 2006, the same year Bundy was born.

Cash passed away in 2005 after being hit by a car, whilst crossing a road.

Because of their charity work, Cash and Bundy were the only dogs allowed to sit between the rider and handlebars in Australia (except in the Northern Territory and South Australia).

Meanwhile, Tex reckons he’s ridden more than 3 million kilometres in his riding career.

If you would like to support this great Australian team, contact Tex direct on 0431 108 529 or via email.

Bundy facts

  • Fastest motorcycling dog in the world (283km/h at Eastern Creek);
  • Travelled 2200kms in a 24-hour period;
  • Member of FarRiders;
  • Mascot for the Silent Service MCC;
  • Mascot for Blue Knights MCC ch.V;
  • Travelled more than 5000km of open ocean on a jetski;
  • Has done aerobatics in a light plane;
  • Is a qualified assistance and therapy dog; and
  • Most photographed dog in Australia.

Here are some more photographs of the pair supplied by Tex.

Tex and Bundy with Dakar champ Toby Price


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