Wheelie game as cops attack real wheelie

A new computer wheelie game encouraging riders to perform long wheelies comes as a Kiwi rider has caused outrage after posting YouTube footage of him performing a claimed world-first wheelie across the 1km span of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge on a Harley.

The mystery Harley rider wobbles across a couple of lanes as his mates film him from a vehicle alongside.

Waitemata Police Sergeant Richard Byrne says the dangerous stunt could have had “fatal consequences” and showed a “complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others”.

There is no word on whether they have been able to track down the rider to issue a fine.

Police probe Facebook stunt riders.

Wheelie game
Screen shot from Wheelie King 3D game

Meanwhile, Kimmo Halonen, aged 31, of Finland has launched a mobile game on iOS and Android called Wheelie King 3D which encourages riders to do the longest wheelie possible.

“I have been riding about 10 years,” he says.

“First I started with a Suzuki PV 50cc, but it was boring for shortly. So I installed 80cc power+ cylinder.

“My first big bike was my cousin’s old Yamaha FZR600. After that I got many 750cc Suzuki GSXRS. First big bike 1000cc was Yamaha R1 98. It was my first bike that I crashed on doing wheelie.

Kimmo Halonen shows his skills

“But it was very good training for my stunt skills. I learned how to do wheelies and nowadays i can successfully wheelie as long as i want with 1000cc.

“To wheelie long way you just need good angle. 

“Usually people think their angle is enough, but it’s not (about 40degree) but you need +90 degree.”

Source: motorbikewriter.com

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