When will drivers learn lane filtering is legal?

Just when will drivers learn that lane filtering is now legal?

This latest video of a driver trying to hit a legally lane filtering motorcyclist with his car comes from the ACT where filtering became a permanent law just last month.

Lane filtering is now legal in all states and territories (except NT and WA which is expected to follow shortly)?

In fact, it’s been legal in NSW more than four years.

So there is no excuse for this driver’s behaviour in the ACT which is inside the state of NSW!

ACT police would now like to speak to anyone who witnessed this incident on Majura Parkway on Wednesday (October 31).

“ACT Policing were made aware of this incident yesterday and an investigation has commenced,” they said.

Not only is lane filtering legal but it also benefits all motorists as it helps move heavy traffic more quickly.

What does it take for drivers to understand this?

You can do your bit to educate drivers by sharing this article you are reading now as well as this “Open letter to drivers“.

Perth incident

Meanwhile, here is another road rage incident from Perth on Sunday. Note that lane-filtering is not legal yet in WA, although it is debatable whether the rider is filtering.

The driver tries to hit the rider when the lights turn green. Then the rider slows and gesticulates to the driver who then performs a dangerous sideswipe across the diving lane marker.

Go right to the end of the video for the hilarious moment the driver gets out at the lights to have a go at the rider, but forgets to engage his handbrake!

We have contacted WA Police to make them aware of the video and find out whether they will investigate and charge the driver.

A Police Media Liaison Officer says they have received a report and are investigating.

“As this is an ongoing investigation, there is no other information I can provide at this time,” he says.

Stay tuned as we will follow-up on this.

Drivers trying to obstruct riders has been happening ever since lane filtering was introduced.

Check out this video from last year sent to us by Newcastle rider Harry Criticos.

“I was filtering legally when a driver stuck his whole body out in an attempt to block me,” the 2016 Triple Black R 1200 GS rider told us.

“I did not stop and he did make contact with the bike. I hope it hurt.”

It might be worth telling your driver mates that this particular motorist not only got hit, but also copped a $325 fine and three demerit points.

Lane filtering is legal 

Surely it is time for some major advertising campaigns in each state to advise motorists that riders are allowed to filter and what benefits there are for ALL motorists.

That was the major finding of an online poll we conducted in 2016, yet there are still no major ad campaigns.

So far, lane filtering education campaigns have been minimal and mainly aimed at riders, not the general motoring public.

We not only need major ad campaigns, but also roadside signage such as this photoshopped sign.

Here’s a sign we’d like to see!

We are not aware of any polls about lane filtering in Australia.

However, in California where lane splitting (filtering at higher speeds than 30km/h) is legal, polls have found it is vastly unpopular among other road users. The main objection is that it’s unfair!

That breeds hostility which results in stupid behaviour such as in the above video.

Lane splitting is unpopular in the USA

So long as lane filtering remains unpopular and/or erroneously believed to be illegal, motorists will do stupid and dangerous things to stop riders filtering.

Police ‘not interested’

Not only are authorities not interested in educating the motoring public about lane filtering, but police don’t seem to help, either.

Harry says police were initially not interested in following up on his complaint about this driver.

After we published the video, Harry went back to the police to find out why they did not charge this driver.

Eventually the driver was charged.
Source: motorbikewriter.com