Regent Motorcycles Releasing Retro-Style Electric for 2020

Another small, electric motorcycle manufacturer has come on the scene. Sweden’s Regent Motorcycles is planning to introduce its first model, the Regent No. 1, in May of next year.

The interesting thing about the Regent No. 1 (pictured) is its classic style that looks a bit like a 1970s Japanese Scrambler.

Weighing just 286 pounds, the Regent No. 1 should offer modern performance along with its retro style. Here are some specifications published by Regent:

Range: 150 km, Battery: 72V – 80Ah, Power: 11–20 hp, Top speed: 120 km/h, Dry weight: 130 kg, Steel chassis, Telescope Forks, Dual Shocks, Disc brakes with ABS, 18′′ spoke wheels, LED lights, Alarm (GPS pos.), Maintenance-free hub motor, Accident alarm from Detecht, Digital Touch Infotainment, Regenerating brakes, Active Safety System, Built in GPS.  

The expected final price is in the neighborhood of $11,000 U.S., but a 10% discount is available for pre-orders for the first 100 bikes. This will net you not only the retro style, but some pretty modern performance and features – including the claimed top speed of 75 mph and a range just under 100 miles. Let us know what you think of the Regent No. 1 in the comments section below:

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