The Nuda 900 Was Badass – Can KTM’s New Parallel Twin Top It?


Husqvarna Nuda 900

When KTM purchased Husqvarna from BMW a few years ago, it decided to drop models that utilized derivatives of BMW engines, resulting in the Nuda 900 and 900 R getting the ax. These lightweight 900cc parallel twin bikes were an absolute blast to ride … as we found out when we tested both models at the press launch.

It turns out a grunty, mid-displacement twin (if you can call 900cc “mid-displacement”) in a supermoto-style chassis resulted in one of the most grin-inducing bikes ever produced. We were sorry to see the models disappear from production.

In its latest Annual Report, KTM indicates a Nuda 900 replacement is in the offing. Here is a quote regarding recent R&D efforts:

“Development of a new motorcycle platform based on a revolutionary 2-cylinder engine design, which will make a substantial contribution toward opening up new market segments.”

There is already a spy shot circulating of a development mule. We are not sure what KTM considers “revolutionary” about the new twin, but you can count on the first production bike being extremely light and powerful for its displacement level (rumored to be 800cc). KTM hasn’t missed the mark with too many of its bikes lately, and we expect this new platform to result in exciting new models for the brand. Stay tuned.



Husqvarna Nuda 900 R

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