Stoner: “Sometimes, Pedrosa would blow your mind”

“That’s why I was always quick in conditions straight away, I was able to adapt to things quickly, is because of my lack of pride on the bike. I was the first to admit back in the box when I’d made a mistake rather than to blame the bike for things, that allowed us to go further too. But yeah, rather than watching another bike or rider and going ‘the only reason they can do that is because of the bike’ or anything like that, it was never greener on the other side of the garage, it was like ‘right, what do we have to do to match them through that bit’. Not necessarily beat them, but at least match them in the points where I was weak. I was always willing to learn from others, and things like that. And that for me is pride. If you have too much pride then you’re not able to learn, able to adapt and I think you’ll find a bit of a roadblock.”