Charley Boorman heads for South America

Charley Boorman heads to South America with Compass Expeditions

Motorcycle adventurer Charley Boorman is finally going to South America after long expressing his desires to explore the continent.

Charley has teamed up with Compass Expeditions to develop international bike adventures in South America, as well as Australia and Africa.

Motorbike Writer travelled with Charley on his first Australian tour in 2013 and he has return each year since to escort the adventure tour.

Charley Boorman in the Flinders Ranges on the first Compass Expeditions Outback Tour

In 2016, the famed BMW rider will be riding a Triumph Explorer 1200 after becoming a brand ambassador in November.

“Sometimes it’s not easy to change, but afterwards you see the benefits,” he says.

“I’ve had a great time working with BMW over the years and the Long Way documentaries have been a massively positive part of my life.

“Change is good, it’s refreshing and we all need to do it as we open our minds up to new ideas and new horizons.”

Part of those new horizons is the expansion of his partnership with Compass Expeditions beyond Australia.

“Our adventure rides into the Outback and Tasmania have been so popular, we’ve now decided to use the same model in South America and Africa,” he says.

Dates for the tours are et to be announced.

Charley has extensive experience of riding in Africa with Ewan McGregor in Long Way Down and since then with friend and business partner Billy (Biketruck) Ward.