• Ola Stenegärd, Director of Product Design at Indian MotorcycleOla Stenegärd, Director of Product Design at Indian Motorcycle
    Indian Product Design Director Ola Stenegärd says if it isn’t fun, it isn’t good. The new Chief stands as evidence he and his team are having a good time. (Hermann Koepf/) How do you picture a motorcycle designer employed by a major manufacturer? You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought of a composed person in a suit, as ready for the boardroom as for meticulous work in the clay studio; they exist. But imagine instead a large bearded man, smiling easily without self-consciousness, who opens like a spring flower during… Read more »
  • 2022 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC/XE and Steve McQueen Edition First Look2022 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC/XE and Steve McQueen Edition First Look
    Triumph has mildly updated the Scrambler 1200 series for 2022, which now offers three models, including this Steve McQueen Limited Edition. (Triumph Motorcycles/) When Triumph debuted its Scrambler 1200 bikes back in 2019, they earned kudos from critics (just ask Justin Dawes) and consumers alike as legitimate adventure bikes with classic retro scrambler profiles. To some folks the firm’s base Scrambler model was just a Bonneville with knobby tires and a high pipe anyway, while the Scrambler 1200s—aside from the bigger powerful engine—were purpose-built adventure machines with a higher level… Read more »
  • Honda Is Developing a Steering Assist System for BikesHonda Is Developing a Steering Assist System for Bikes
    Honda has filed a new patent application for an electric steering system. Here it’s fitted onto a Gold Wing. (Japanese Patent Office/) Over the last few years we’ve become accustomed to allowing computers in between our control inputs and the reactions from our bikes. Traction control and electronic throttles mean the physical connection between the twistgrip and engine has long since been severed, and the same increasingly applies to ABS and combined braking systems. Now manufacturers are turning their attention to steering systems to see whether computers could help with… Read more »
  • 2022 Indian Motorcycle Super Chief MC Commute Review2022 Indian Motorcycle Super Chief MC Commute Review
    Indian Motorcycle wants a piece of the heavyweight V-twin cruiser segment and its doing it with the 2022 Super Chief ($19,799 as tested). The Super Chief is part of the American brand’s new four-bike cruiser lineup that employs Indian’s tried-and-true powertrain and redesigned chassis. Read the 2022 Indian Motorcycle Chief First Look Preview article to get up to speed on these improvements. In this video review, we swing a leg over it during its US press introduction in Arizona. Tune-in and see what the Indian Super Chief is like to… Read more »
  • 2021 Ducati SuperSport 950 S First Ride Review2021 Ducati SuperSport 950 S First Ride Review
    or 2021, the Bologna factory has fitted the new SuperSport with a Bosch six-axis IMU, which measures roll, pitch, and yaw. This means the bike knows what is happening, how it is moving. (Tim Keeton/Impact Images/) There is a lovely burble on the overrun, even at low rpm, which pops with character as you roll to a stop. Around town it’s noticeable but not annoying, simply adding a little appeal. Higher in the rpm, it’s addictive and gives the bike a sporty feel. There is a lovely drive from low… Read more »