2024 Honda Shadow Phantom and Aero

2024 honda shadow phantom in a bobber format

It is a sight for sore eyes, sore due to staring at the Rebel for too long. It was great to see the return of what Honda is calling the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom and its sibling the Shadow Aero. Yes, there is nothing very new about either of the bikes that goes beyond paint palettes. But the clear, simple lines of the Phantom are, for all its long history, refreshing and in the bobber format it might as well be a new bike with its just right solo seat.

The enthusiastic response to the Phantom is partly due to the almost complete lack of other cruiser options in the category compared to what there once was when the Shadow was just one among many. That’s right we are very excited about a Honda Shadow Phantom and we don’t care who knows!

So that was the good news, now for the not too good news. That release was from the US. They are the ones, so far, who are getting the 2024 Shadows. We on the other hand still have four iterations of the Rebel to satisfy our cruiser hankerings. Well, hmmmm, you have got only one style to choose from when it comes to the Rebel so if you don’t like it, guess you are out of luck.

So we wait. Odds of it coming back to Canada, we would say trending more towards slim. The US market has a history of holding on to bikes longer and still has a 2023 model Honda Fury for the rock bottom price of $11,499. Even converting that into Canadian dollars, it seems like a good price. The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom, on the other hand, is going for  $8699US which seems like not quite so striking of an offer. The Aero comes in a little less at $8299US.

S0 try to remain calm in the face of return of a motorcycle that was once so staidly normal but has now become the exception rather than the rule. We will let you know if there is any sign of the bike coming north of the border.

Here’s Honda’s wrap of the Phantom’s specs:


  • 745cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine produces impressive power over a broad rpm range.
  • Crankshaft features long-stroke design to produce strong V-twin feel and low-rpm torque peak.
  • Three-Valve Dual-Plug Combustion Chamber.
  • Wide-ratio five-speed transmission.
  • Shaft final-drive system provides smooth and reliable low-maintenance operation.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for good throttle response and fuel efficiency.


  • Bobber-inspired styling with extensive blacked-out and matte finishes.
  • Updates minimalist front and rear fenders.
  • Revised headlight cover.
  • New handlebar and handlebar clamps enhance style and comfort.
  • Updated fork boot covers
  • The cylinder head now features machine-cut fins to contrast the black engine components.
  • Sturdy and responsive 41mm fork features large-diameter matte-finished shrouds and large billet-aluminum triple clamp for a distinctive look, and delivers confident, neutral handling.
  • Dual-shock rear suspension features five-position spring preload adjustability for a smooth ride.
  • New single rear disc brake on standard and ABS versions
  • Single front disc brake with twin-piston caliper grips a 296mm drilled rotor between sintered metal pads.
  • Shaft final-drive system provides smooth and reliable low-maintenance operation.
  • Spoke black wheels and hubs feature a 120/90-17 front tire and 160/80-15 rear tire to complete the overall custom look.
  • Low 25.6-inch seat height.
  • Sleek, new single seat with an available passenger seat.
  • Updated Tank-mounted display instruments.
  • Stylish 3.7-gallon fuel tank.
  • New LED front and rear turn signals.2024 honda shadow aero looking very classicBACK TO NEWS

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