Honda’s “Concept CB” Reappears at Tokyo Auto Salon


Honda “Concept CB”

First appearing at last October’s Tokyo Motor Show, Honda is trotting out the “Concept CB” once again next month at the Tokyo Auto Salon — the only Honda motorcycle concept making a second appearance after the motor show. This would strongly suggest that the Concept CB is headed for production with the cosmetic tweeks, including a reshaped fuel tank, new seat and more chrome, intact.

We tested the Honda CB1100 when it was first introduced to the U.S. market in 2013. We found it a relatively faithful retro (in terms of design) with enough performance to satisfy the target customers. What do you think of the design tweeks? A picture of the Concept CB can be found above, with the 2014 CB1100 DLX pictured below.


2014 Honda CB1100 DLX – U.S. Model