Motorcycle made out of spoons

We’ve seen motorcycles made out of wood and all sorts of strange things before, but never a motorcycle made out of spoons.

This one is made by artist Jim Rice and is up for sale for US$3499.99.

Every part of the motorcycle is made out of spoon. The bike is just 68cm long and weighs 3.7kg, so it’s not exactly rideable, but would make a great ornament for the rider who has everything. Maybe a great Christmas present!

Jim uses strange objects to make his sculptures and on this occasion the spoons are unaltered; that is, he did not use heat to bend them.

Instead, he lovingly bent every spoon by hand.

Dare we say it. It’s a loving’ spoonful! However, he calls it his “everlasting spoonful”.

If you’re interested in buying it, you can contact Jim on his Facebook page.