Young motorists support autonomous vehicles

Yamaha’s self-riding Motobot

More than half of Generation Z future motorists under 17 believe that autonomous self-driving vehicles will make the roads safer.

This comes as Yamaha has announced it wants to have a self-riding motorcycle available for sale in the next decade.

Unfortunately, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke – we don’t do them.

These statistics come from the 2016 Cox Automotive Gen Z Automotive Study by American company Ipsos who surveyed more than 3000 US residents aged 12-65. Gen Z account for almost a quarter of the population.

While many current motorcyclists have negative comments about autonomous bikes and self-driving vehicles, the next generation of riders and drivers seem more positive.

Do young riders want autonomous vehicles?

More than half (54%) of Gen Z respondents found fully self-driving vehicles appealing and 47% want most cars to drive themselves in the next 10 years, the survey found.

While there was no mention in the study of motorcycles, Gen Z seems open to the idea of autonomous vehicles.

Their main motivation for supporting the development of autonomous vehicles is safety with 61% saying they would be safer.

Almost half (45%) claim autonomous vehicles would ease concerns about distracted drivers, while 41% think these vehicles would lead to fewer accidents on the road.

Despite being tech-savvy, 65% are still suspicious of autonomous technology and 41% say autonomous vehicles would not drive as well as people.

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