890 Adventure R – KTM Updates The Middle Class

That area between the big enduros and the really big ADV bikes is slowly filling with more competent competition – BMW, Yamaha, Triumph, Husqvarna among others have determined the lack of a middle ground was going to be fertile ground. To that end KTM has made some slight revisions to the 2023 890 Adventure R to keep the potent machine at or near the top of the class. Nothing ground breaking – or even make or breaking – but they are improvements that will see an incremental improvement in off-road performance which is intended as the bike forte in comparison to over somewhat equivalent models.

KTM claims the new features are:

• New windshield offering improved airflow
• Reworked suspension settings for reduced long-distance fatigue
• Upgraded 5” TFT display with USB connection & new pictograms
• Improved ABS components with new modulator (9.3 MP)
• OFFROAD ABS linked with OFFROAD MODE & (optional) RALLY MODE
• New & more offroad oriented tires (INT models)
• Updated turn-by-turn plus navigation system
• Introducing the DEMO MODE functionality
• Handlebar switch with hazard warning
• LED indicators (US models)
• New engine protector and reworked bodywork & fairing

We would have to say that the most interesting improvements are those made to the ABS system and its compatibility to specific off-road situations.


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