BRP Doubles Down on New Electric Motorcycle Investment

BRP, parent company of Can-Am, has doubled down on their commitment to bring a series of electric motorcycles to market in 2024. What seemed like a long lead time of two years before arrival of the first two electric bikes – although one very common in the electric segment – appears partly due to the fact BRP, apparently, had no where to build them. The solution is a new factory in Mexico alongside the current facility building Sea-Doos and Rotate engines. With an initial employee count of 500, the new factory should be able to produce enough Can-Am Origin and Pulse (as the new bikes are called) with room for the two additional planned motorcycles to be revealed at a later date.

We would think the facility is sized to accommodate the production of other electric vehicles in the future – an electric in the vein of the Ryker or Spyder perhaps?

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