Franco Uncini steps down as FIM Grand Prix Safety Officer

Franco Uncini: “I’m here to announce my retirement and I have a long list of people to thank. For sure Carmelo Ezpeleta is the first, he’s our boss! And a fantastic person. Mike Trimby, and IRTA President Herve Poncharal, and the past Presidents. FIM President Jorge Viegas and his predecessors. Then, the MotoGP Safety Commission. Carlos Ezpeleta! And Loris Capirossi, who I’ve spent the last ten years with! Thank you to, not all but almost, the circuits on which I’ve worked. All the IRTA, Dorna and FIM people. I’ll stop here otherwise I’d be here for hours. I love it and I love this sport. It’s been the centre of my life forever. Thank you FIM, IRTA, Dorna and the Safety Commission, we’ve done an extraordinary job for safety. I’ve had many sleepless nights but I’m happy and satisfied with what we’ve achieved. 30 years doing this job, 20 with IRTA and 10 with FIM. I’m a grandfather to two, I have two daughters, and my wife who has been at my side since 1981 and who still can bear me! Thanks, and thanks to my daughters. I need to slow down and make room for young people. I feel Tomé can continue this excellent job, and as the President said, Tomé was also my choice. He’s the person I believe can continue this job. Thank you very much everybody.”