R&G Racing motorcycle cover review

For those who don’t need to change the clocks on their bikes (they don’t ride in the winter, in other words), the summer months produce an interesting set of problems. Not least is that although it rains less often and less hard, it still rains. So for the bike that lives outside for the summer, a good cover is an essential investment rather than a luxury. And even if it lives under a roof, a cover keeps off the dust and protects the machine.

Having tried everything including blanket throwovers, canvas tarpaulins and thick plastic sheet, I’ve been using an R&G Racing outdoor cover for the last three months and my Triumph Bonneville has been very grateful.

R&G’s outdoor covers come in a number of sizes including Scooter, Adventure, Superbike and Cruiser – the company also sells a range of dust covers, for indoor use.

The cover fits my Bonneville well. It has a soft lining to prevent scratches to the fuel tank, a clear panel in the back so the number plate is visible and, not least, there are two underbelly straps to prevent the wind lifting it off.

Useful features also include ventilation flaps to reduce condensation and a couple of pockets each side of the front wheel to enable the fitment of the largest wheel locks.

It’s well made, available in black or silver, easy and quick to put on, and it’s kept my machine dry, clean and condensation-free. Enough said.

R&G Outdoor Covers: from about £54


Source: www.telegraph.co.uk