Women riders funding trike for Katie

Katie with her biker friends

Social riding group BOOBs (Babes Out On Bikes) is raising money for one of their riders to buy a trike so she can bring her wheelchair-bound daughter, Katie, on rides.

Katie is a beautiful, smiling and intelligent 22-year-old trapped in a body that has been slowly deteriorating from a baffling disease since she was six months old.

She has required intensive therapy and operations ever since and every day her body works a little less. She is now confined to a wheelchair and can’t walk or talk.

However, her mother, Caro wants her to enjoy a full life and is trying to buy a trike so she can take Katie on rides with the BOOBs ladies.

“When we get the trike, Katie wants to ride everywhere with me,” Caro says.

“Katie is looking forward to weekend rides and bumping into other riders. We will definitely do the Snowy ride, Convoy and maybe even Phillip Island.”

The NSW South Coast group hopes to raise up to $60,000 for the trike through community events and rides, or you can directly donate here.

You can follow progress of the fundraising on their Facebook page, Trike 4 Katie.

The trauma for Katie started at 6 months when she required intensive therapies. At the age of 6 she required a major operation on her hips as she was no longer able to walk without them dislocating. She was put into a full body cast and developed involuntary whole body movements and could not keep still.

Her condition baffled top specialists and the years that followed were a constant mix of hospitalisations and rehabilitation. After each flare up Katie had to learn to swallow, feed herself, use a toilet, and walk; and each time she never regained her previous level of function.

At the age of 12, she required resuscitation on a daily basis. To control her involuntary movements she was placed in a coma for three months as there was no medication that could help her.

When she was revived from the coma, she underwent a radical treatment where she was fitted with a Deep Brain Stimulator that sends electrical shocks to the brain to override wrong signals.

The operation was partially successful, but she now needs surgery every few years to change the device battery.

However, Katie still has contractions, jaw dislocation, body stiffness and very limited movement. She relies on the support of others to perform all daily personal tasks.

Yet despite missing so much school, she is a bright young lady and has achieved her high school certificate.

There is no diagnosis, no cause, no family history and no explanation for her condition.

Now Katie and her mum rely on the help of their friends in the biking community.

The BOOBs ladies are not only looking for donations, but also sponsors. 

The Trike 4 Katie fundraiser has also received huge support from other local riders including those from Slow and Easy Riders who have generously donated.

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Source: motorbikewriter.com