Vozz Helmets: Rear Entry Design is Quick, Snug and Quiet (with video)


I remember somebody saying something about simple ideas often being the most brilliant. This thought struck me when I first learned about Vozz Helmets new Voztec System, which results in a helmet that pivots on top and allows the rider to quickly (even with glasses on) put the helmet on, and take it off. Of course, Vozz claims several other benefits, as well. The video below summarizes all of them.

The helmet does not require a chin strap, but instead has an adjustable chin cup.  Additionally, given the way the helmet is put on, and taken off, according to Vozz the helmet can be made to fit “like a glove”, and the opening at the bottom is much smaller (contributing to reduced buffeting and lower noise levels).

Vozz is releasing the RS 1.0 early next year. You can visit the Vozz web site for more details, including a video that illustrates the unique way in which safety personnel can remove the RS 1.0 from an injured rider. The video below is featured on the Digital Trends web site.