Mrs MBW survives 30 years as pillion

Mrs MBW, the pillion in a million

Motorbike Writer presents the most important motorcycle news from around the world every day and today we mark the 30th anniversary of Mrs MBW and MBW becoming rider and pillion.

What could be more important!

Yes, it’s our 30th wedding anniversary. Thirty years is the pearl anniversary and no one could be more of a pearl than the pillion-in-a-million.

Mrs MBW in Guatemala

Mrs MBW organises a vineyard lunch

Mrs MBW at Sturgis

Mrs MBW in wet Wyoming

Mrs MBW in NZ

Mrs MBW at Glenorchy

She’s been there on my rear and in my ear through some amazing places and shared some incredible journeys with me.

We’ve been through Rockies snow, Birdsville deserts sands, Guatemalan mud and more together.

Mrs MBW has been my travel guide, medical backup, confidante, photographer, hotel booking agent, all-round organiser and faithful companion across thousands and thousands of riding miles.

Mrs MBW does corner-marking duties

She’s also been in my corner when I needed her; such as after a rather nasty life-threatening motorcycle accident, telling the naysayers that wanted me to stop riding that it is my passion and I will continue riding until I can’t.

You can’t ask for much more than that.

So here’s to Mrs MBW and all the other supportive pillions out there.

The ride is only half the fun without you!


Tell us about your pillion-in-a-million in the comments section below and don’t forget to include a photo.

Mr and Mrs MBW