Royal Enfield Himalayan Breaks Cover


On the heels of our article yesterday about low-tech motorcycles, today we have photos and videos of the Himalayan prototype released by Royal Enfield. The new bike will undoubtedly debut in India, and eventually find its way to European and American markets.

We have no technical details, but understand it should be powered by a 410cc single. This is an entirely new motor from Royal Enfield featuring overhead cams, rather than push rods. Still air-cooled, but now featuring a counter-balancer to smooth out the vibes. The chassis is also new, and as you will see in the videos it is quite dirt worthy.

Harris Performance, a subsidiary of Royal Enfield, designed the Himalayan chassis. Harris also developed the current Royal Enfield model known as the Continental GT. Indian press reports there will be two versions of the Himalayan, including a dirt-oriented model with knobbies, and a more street-oriented version.

Royal  Enfield has not only produced the videos below, but created a web site for the new Himalayan, which you can visit here.


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