Giribuola: Why Bastianini’s a perfect fit for factory Ducati

Off-track they are both really relaxed guys. You can enjoy spending time with them. They are always joking and that’s nice. I’m lucky because I was able to create a good relationship with both of them. When we’re working, if you have a good relationship, you can be much more relaxed, be honest about everything, and that’s important. On track, they are both really good in braking, so with our bike that helps a lot because our bike is really good in braking and in acceleration. With their style, they can really take out the maximum from our bike. Their style in braking is similar but a little bit different. The tyre has obviously changed a lot in the last few years, so it’s difficult to really compare Andrea and Enea’s braking, but Enea is using both tyres whilst Andrea used the front tyre and would slide the rear. Exiting the corner, Enea probably uses his body a bit more. He really gets off the bike sometimes, it’s impressive. But both are able to save the tyre for the last part of the race. Their pace is always good at the end.