BMW M 1000 XR – A Lot of Pavement to Cover

BMW says of the new M 1000 XR that it is “the long distance sports bike meets the highest demands for riding on country roads, for long-distance journeys and on the race track.” That is a lot of pavement to cover  – at least there is no mention, or intention, of this bike ever leaving the pavement.

BMW landed on a good idea when the the first S 1000 XR was revealed back in 2015. Looking at the success within their own line-up with the GS models some smart cookie realized that most of those bikes never left the pavement but their riders sure did like the ergonomics, comfort and saddle time made possible by the roomy, upright seating position. Why not go the way of the Multistrada, the original ones, and create a platform with similar ergo but dedicated solely to street riding – oh, right and give the bike obscene gobs of power by borrowing the motor from a dedicated sport bike.

The formula never grabbed sales numbers enjoyed by the big GS bikes, nothing else at Motorrad does, but there were enough buyers to keep the idea and the development afloat. Which brings us to the new M 1000 XR which gives the coveted “M” treatment to the S 1000XR. M standing for more power, more performance and more money. BMW is releasing the M 1000 XR in celebration of the company’s 100th anniversary and plan to make the bike special for the discerning few.

To that end you will get a 200hp and a wet weight of 223kgs which can be reduced even further if you opt for “M Competition Package” which we assume will be even more M for money. To help keep things tidy as you circle the racetrack at a speed approaching 300kph, you will have winglets which according to the company will provide “greater stability, benefit from a lower wheelie tendency and accelerate earlier thanks to the aerodynamic downforce.”

we've got winglets, lots and lots of winglets a BMW M 1000 Xr in a room with smokey mood lighting

There is more so we should use this opportunity to learn about winglets – as they seem to be sprouting  on brands of bikes.

So winglets:

The new M XR was given winglets with the aim of ensuring superior riding stability even at high speeds despite increased engine power. They serve in particular to achieve the best possible contact between the wheels and the road surface – especially when accelerating and at high speeds. The additional wheel load on the front wheel counteracts the wheelie tendency during acceleration, the traction control system has to regulate less, more drive power is converted into acceleration and the rider achieves a faster lap time. The specifically front-wheel-oriented seating position ensures better bike control, especially in supersport mode. 

The BMW M 1000 XR is still listed as a prototype but the company expects to make further its plans for the bike cleared later this year.

a rider on a m 1000 XR looking back and wondering where everybody else got to


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