Kawasaki Telegraphs Supercharged Future With “Balanced Supercharged Engine” at Tokyo Motor Show


Kawasaki Concept SC 01

We told you a forced induction future is nigh a short while ago, and Kawasaki is proving us right with the Balanced Supercharged Engine display at the Tokyo Motor Show just getting underway.

We hope to have a bit more information later, but for now we simply have these images from Kawasaki’s Show web site. The rendering of the Concept SC 01 above may be a hint at a future production model as well. The engine concept, itself, appears to be a four-cylinder. Stay tuned for more as the show develops, but in the meantime, here is Kawasaki’s statement issued in connection with the event:

Kawasaki motorcycles are often described as being “different than other bikes.” This is most likely the result of certain principles that we have when it comes to designing motorcycles. There are three principles, each related to how the ride experience offered by a Kawasaki is crafted.

Principle 1: Our bikes should possess both Power and Gentleness

The Z1, GPz900R, ZZR, Ninja H2 and H2R – all set the standard for performance of their time. Designed with the goal of being the most powerful machines in the world, Kawasaki motorcycles have always been synonymous with Power. However, this pursuit of power and top speed has not produced a fleet of violent, untameable machines. Rather our bikes also possess a Gentleness that gives riders the peace of mind to enjoy riding them. Kawasaki motorcycles are easy to ride around town, comfortable enough for relaxed touring with friends. And when the mood suits, they will happily unleash their eye-widening performance.

Possessing both Power and Gentleness, Kawasaki motorcycles deliver exhilaration and pleasure whenever and wherever you ride.

Principle 2: Our bikes should be fun and rewarding to control

Kawasaki motorcycles are not commuters designed for convenience and comfort. Neither are they soulless machines that behave the same way no matter who is at the controls.
Kawasaki motorcycles were designed for riders. Through active control, riders can work on their riding technique, draw out their machine’s potential, and derive pleasure in the process. Interacting with a Kawasaki is a treat for all five senses; subtle input is rewarded with precise response as the motorcycle traces the rider’s intended line through the corner.

By putting control in the hands of the rider, Kawasaki motorcycles offer a fun and rewarding riding experience.


Kawasaki Balanced Supercharged Engine concept

Principle 3: Pursue all possibilities

With experience producing ships, rolling stock, aircraft and rockets, the Kawasaki Group is used to dealing with performance, durability and reliability requirements far beyond the range of general consumer products. We are able to draw on cutting-edge technology and ideas from a wide range of fields as we work towards our mission to enrich the lives of people around the world.
When it comes to the world of motorcycles, we firmly believe that the ride experience is the key to enriching a rider’s life. We actively seek technologies from other fields as we pursue all possibilities to ensure that our machines possess both Power and Gentleness, and are Fun and Rewarding to Control.

Infused with the same collective technology and know-how that we use to build a better future for mankind and the planet, Kawasaki motorcycles could be said to be a distillation of the most advanced technology the world has to offer.

Together these three principles can be expressed by the term RIDEOLOGY (Ride + Ideology). This rider-centric development philosophy has been the force behind our many legendary machines, and will continue to guide Kawasaki products in the future.

Source: www.motorcycledaily.com