AGV’s Motorsports Heritage Showcased at EICMA – Italian helmet company prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary


MILAN, ITALY (November 17, 2015) – AGV, the choice of champions for the past 70 years, showcased its legendary motorsport history and its cutting-edge technology to the world’s top motorcycle-industry specialists and journalists today at the EICMA tradeshow.

In the presence of legendary World Champion Giacomo Agostini, a true ambassador of AGV innovation across motorcycling eras, Dainese Group CEO Cristiano Silei took the attendees on a journey through AGV’s milestones in its motorsport heritage: from the dawn of motorcycling competitions in the late ’40s, through legendary F1 drivers to modern MotoGP heroes; from the development of the first helmet in 1947 to today’s wind-tunnel testing and advanced computer-aided designs.

Gearing up for the 70th anniversary celebrations of its 1946 founding, AGV rolled out an integrated system of product innovations in its latest-generation Extreme Standards Helmets, displayed at its EICMA booth. The new K-5 Jet and Fluid open-face helmets, introduced to the public at EICMA, are the two latest products developed following the Extreme Standards design process and complete AGV’s product range.

Strength and benefits of this integrated and revolutionary helmet-design protocol were explained in depth, showing how enhanced protection, performance and comfort work together to deliver an unprecedented level of safety. Improvements are tangible and measurable through specific standards, such as impact protection, compact design, field of vision, aerodynamics, helmet weight, ventilation and ergonomics.

Thanks to AGV Extreme Standards and to a design that substantially enhances both primary and secondary safety, riders achieve superior road awareness and performance with reduced fatigue. The AGV Extreme Standards approach raises the bar in helmet-development technology and represents a further milestone in head-safety protection systems.

“We are proud to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our legendary brand by rolling out AGV’s Extreme Standards to a now-complete product range with the introduction of the K-5 Jet and the Fluid,” commented Cristiano Silei. “The level of safety provided by AGV’s Extreme Standards is now available from the racetrack to everyday use.”