Edelweiss Bike Travel 2011 Catalog Released

2011 Edelweiss Bike Travel Program Guide

2011 Edelweiss Bike Travel Program Guide

2011 Edelweiss Bike Travel Program Guide

Mieming, Austria (September 20, 2010) – The latest Edelweiss Bike Travel catalog has been shipped. It contains the most comprehensive and best motorcycle touring program in the Edelweiss’ 31-year history. It is offering 10 new destinations in 2011, for a total of 53 tour destinations on almost every continent. The following summarizes the new destinations starting next year.

Scandinavia – We have often had requests to expand our Scandinavian destinations further afield than the Touring Center in Alesund. So now we are offering two new touring routes. Eleven days discovering The Viking Experience (page 52/53) from Göteborg via Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen to Alesund. Experience a fascinating world of forests, fjords, mountains and glaciers. This tour offers everything. True adventure is awaiting you on the journey to the North Cape – every motorcyclist’s dream. Experience the Adventure North Cape tour (page 56/57) and the savor unforgettable riding along the coast of Norway and along the Lofoten.

Russia – Edelweiss Bike Travel’s first tour to Russia took place in 1988, and it is time to go back. Tour participants will discover the fascinating culture and history on Moscow to St. Petersburg tour (page 36/37), with plenty of time in both cities.
Spain/Portugal – Plenty of sun, little traffic, fantastic roads: These are just the highlights of this tour. On the St. James Way tour (page 44/45), traveling through the northern parts of Spain and Portugal, you will have many touring delights. Mounted on your iron horse you can follow the pilgrims route and spend a rest day among fellow pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela. A further highlight in southern Europe is the Royal Spanish Vacation tour (page 48/49). Enjoy royal days in historic hotels on the border between Spain and Portugal. This is a motorcycling delicacy for these who won’t miss that touch of luxury while touring.

South America – Edelweiss Bike Travel’s program on this continent becomes more extensive each year. After a successful scouting tour in 2010, Edelweiss will offer the Adventure Altiplano tour (page 62/63), a real adventure through the High Andes in Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. You also have the opportunity to ride along the famous Ruota de la Muerte. Furthermore, the route has changed on the Adventure Machu Picchu tour (page 60/61) and now spends two rest days in the Amazona National Forest Reservation, Tambopata.
New Zealand & Australia – New Zealand has been one of Edelweiss’ Classic tours for many years. In 2011 you can take our long standing standard New Zealand tour (page 94/95) with an extension or try the new Adventure North Island tour (page 96/97). Or the new Best of Australia tour (page 92/93) where you can race along with kangaroos and other strange creatures.

Ducati Tours – A further highlight in 2011 are tours offers in cooperation with Ducati to six destinations: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Alps, Italy, USA and Australia. You’re sure to find the tour of your dreams starting on page 112.
Discover Our Earth Expedition, 2nd edition – After successfully sending off its first world tour, Edelweiss Bike Travel is planning a new expedition lasting 10 months and covering 50,000 miles. If you want to be part of this adventure starting in March 2012, then turn to page 10 in our brochure – you won’t be disappointed.

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