Honda EICMA Concepts Display Possible Design Directions


Honda R&D Europe trotted out a couple of interesting concepts in Milan last week. Both bikes are based on the engine and chassis found in the CBR650F, a versatile machine already tested by MD.

The street-oriented CB4 Concept shows off the beautiful, flowing exhaust headers from the engine and styles the machine in a street fighter look that we find appealing. Notable are the billet triple clamps holding the upside down fork and the radial-mount front brake calipers. The exhaust treatment on the CB4 provides a very aggressive look, as does the abbreviated rear end.

The other concept is the CB Six50. This is a scrambler-style machine (although the low slung exhaust seems an odd choice) with knobby tires mounted on spoked wheels. The handlebar on the CB Six50 looks like it came straight off a dirt bike, and it holds a thin digital display. The treatment of the headlight assembly is interesting and unique.

As far as we know, both concepts are merely design exercises with no plans for production.




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